Educaton & Career

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Time period

Educational institution or employer

Activity field

1975 - 1983

Primary (elementary) school

Elementary school student

1983 - 1987

High school

Gimnazija Idrija

Student, focus on math and science lessons

1987 - 1988

Military service in the former Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Bitola (at the present the Republic of Northern Macedonia)

Basic military training (4 months), maintenance and management of automated shooting range

1988 - 1993

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering

University student: University degree of Electrical engineering, automation and robotics (U.D.I.E.)

1993 - 1994

Various temporary jobs:

Teaching technical education and practical electronics

COX&co. (later CPA d.o.o.): R&D in the field of industrial measurement, telemetry and control systems

1994 - 2004

National telecom operater

Telekom Slovenije

R&D in the field of access networks and related services (xDSL, DECT)

Assistant Project Manager PHARE 9520 (Alternative Rural Telephony Models)

Involvement in working groups at the Ministry of Science and Technology: adoption of ETSI standardization (DECT, TETRA, Terminology)

2004 - 2008

SoŇ°ke elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o.

Maintenance and administration of telecommunicaton networks and systems: SDH, fiber optics, PBX, wireless telemetry systems

2008 - present

Dravske elektrarne Maribor d.o.o.

Maintenance and administration of telecommunicaton networks and systems: SDH/DWDM, PBX & telephony networks, 48V DC backup power supply systems, wireless telemetry, land mobile radio


Other skills

Embedded systems programming:

- 8 bit microprocessor & microcontroller assembly coding (Motorola 6800 & 6811 families, Intel 8031 and derivates, Microchip PIC controller 12F, 16F and 18F families)
- 32 bit PIC32MX family C programming

R&D, prototyping and repair of different electronic devices: analogue, digital, RF, etc.

FORTRAN programming