Some other HAM transceivers designed by S56AL (ex. S57NAN)


This was the first transceiver, I have designed completely by myself. The 80m DC receiver is based on an NE612 mixer and includes 6 pole preselection filter for 80m band as well as 5 pole Butterworth AF passive filter following the mixer. The TX delivers some 3W of output power. A frequency counter display is placed above the tuning knob. The f-counter display unit uses 8 LED to display the frequency. There is 6 green LED, one for each 50kHz step, as well as 2 red LED to signal "out of band" condition J. All LED are soldered directly to the freq. counter PCBoard.

Through the activation with a push-button the f-counter is able to display two least significant "kHz" digits in BCD code (2 x 4 LED J), so the frequency read out in kHz resolution is also possible. The complete design was published in official S5 HAM magazine "CQ ZRS", vol. 3 - 4 /1997.



This is a single-board super-het 80m 5W CW transceiver with an integrated SWR/PWR meter, R.I.T. control and f-counter buffer. With the exception of multiturn tuning potentiometer and SWR/PWR indicator (not shown on this photo), everything is soldered directly to the PCB. A VFO covers the whole 80m band and is placed on a separate PCB built in a metal box in the middle of main PCB. The VFO is connected to the main transceiver board using connectors, soldered directly to both PCBs - also no wiring J. The RX is designed around two NE612 mixers, a 4 pole crystal filter and BF981 MF amplifier. With a 6 pole preselection this solution works well on 80m band also in heavy Middle-European SW conditions. I have also designed a f-counter + PWR/SWR bargraph display particullary for this transceiver using 2 x 8 character LCD display (HITACHI).

The f-counter PCB is of the same format as LCD display, connected directly to display PCB ( no wiring, again). The complete design was published in official S5 HAM magazine CQ "ZRS", vol. 6 /1997.


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