PC / RTX interface
All three interfaces presented on this page employ galvanic isolation of the transceiver from PC computer. Audio paths are separated by transformers, optocouplers serve to separate the digital paths (PTT and RTTY keying).

IC-706, IC-718, IC-756PRO,...

TS-570, TS-870, ...

Simple universal S.B. interface

  Requires only one cable connection to the ICOM's 8 pin ACC(1) or ICOM's 13 pin ACC connector at the back pannel of the RTX for FSK RTTY, AFSK RTTY, PSK31 and similar modes. Requires a connection to the 13 pin "ACC.2" connector at the back-pannel of the transceiver for S.B. modes and additional connection to the "cinch" for FSK RTTY keying. Connects both S.B. audio paths to RTX's mic. and speaker connectors only. This intereface uses transceiver's internal VOX circuit for RX/TX switching.

Circuit schematic

44,4k - GIF

39,5k - GIF

23,2k - GIF

PCB & assembly

61,9k - GIF

42,7k - GIF

29,6k - GIF

PCB 600dpi - GIF

69k - GIF

50k - GIF


Connection to the XCVR

8 pin ACC(1) 5,4k - GIF

13 pin ACC 5,4k - GIF

9,3k - GIF



171k - JPG

160k - JPG

24,7k - JPG











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