USB / CAT (CI-V) adapter
The USB / CAT (CI-V) adapter is based on the FTDI's USB / serial IC FT-232BM. It has been successfully tested with the following transceivers: FT-8900 (programming software FTB-9800 by Bob, G4HFQ ), VX-7R (programming software VX-7 Commander by Jim, KC8UNJ ), FT-817 (programming software FT-817 Commander by Simon, HB9DRV ) as well as IC-706MkIIG (programming software Ham Radio Deluxe by Simon, HB9DRV ), always under MS Windows XP.
A test with the VX-5R (VX-5R Commander) failed due to an unknown reason.
Circuit schematics: 23 kB gif
PCB (doublesided & throughplated): Layout 600dpi - 52 kB gif Assembly - 22 kB gif
Photos - PCB assembly: Top - 51 kB jpg Bottom - 75 kB jpg
Photos of the finished adapter: 41 kB jpg 63 kB jpg 111 kB jpg
Connection cables: VX-7R FT-8900 FT-817


Please note, that this is not a commercial product, therefore neither a finished adapter nor KIT is available by the author. If somebody would like to make a PCB at home using a CNC drilling machine, a drill-tool file in ASCII formate is available for personal and uncommercial use per e-mail request.


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